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Rhino Charge 2013, May 31 – Jun. 1 2013 @ Magadi Area

Rhino Charge, crazy fun filled adrenaline moments in Kenya.

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Rhino Charge 2013
Date: 31st May – 2nd June 2013
Where: Magadi (Though exact venue is always kept a secret till the last minute)
For more information on the #RhinoCharge2013 schedule and opening times. Visit the individual events on the events tab on our their Facebook page

The Area Check-In: Brookhouse opens on 29th May 2013 at 0800 Hrs. NB: Motobikes are NOT allowed on the Rhino Charge Venue
Spectators are asked to collect their route notes latest on Friday, 31st May! Area Check-In is CLOSED on Saturday, 1st June (Event day)!

Other charity events: Rhino Charge Mudness Edition
visit Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation Facebook page for more information

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As temperamental as Rongai fare

So much has been said about Rongai starting with the fact that it’s not part of Nairobi just because it is so detached from it. It takes almost an hour of moving traffic to arrive at the destination and those are rare times. I fear to imagine how long it takes the Rongai residents to arrive at their destination during peak jam hours.

Rongai not part of Nairobi

Anyway on my usual walk to Nyayo stadium stage, I usually pass by madaraka stage and I’m ever amused at the fare depending on time of day.

Mbao Rongai Mbao Rongai (Ksh 20/= to Rongai) that is usually early in the morning, (yet the nearby residents of ngumo pay between ksh 20-40/= and its just 5 minutes drive) come mid day its Ksh 50/= and by evening its soo Rongai soo Rongai (Ksh 100/=)

Come rain one would dread living in Rongai, the fare hikes to Ksh 200/= and higher depending on availability of public transport. I doubt anyone can walk all the way home in such instances. The distance is crazy.  Something really needs to be done about the fare inconsistencies, at least if regulated and standardized throughout it would be much better and of course not on the higher side standardizing. That’s just me thinking.

Although many people are hesistant about going to Rongai, coz of distance majorly and viewing it as a village “Shagz region”  the pic below perfectly describes peoples sentiments.


I’d say Rongai is a beautiful town, among the best nyamchom joints are found in the vicinity and beautiful sceneries such as Lake Magadi, Shalom picnic site, Masai lodge just a little before entering Rongai town, Ole Polos country club (among best nyam chom joints in the country)  and one of the Mt. kilimanjaro routes starts through Rongai. Definetly a must visit region.

NB: Me thinks the phrase as temperamental as Rongai fare should be used by students during their K.C.P.E and K.C.S.E composition writing. Perfect real life scenario! :p

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