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Beauty of Oloolua Nature Trail/ Institute of Primate Research (IPR)

On 1st May 2013 that’s where we were with my sibling and our friends. Breathtakingly amazing environment. So rich soo green. So natural. Words won’t suffice but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s a slideshow of some of the pics,

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For those accessing on mobile phone, here’s a preview for you.

oloolua nature trail

oloolua nature trail

beginning of the trail

oloolua nature trail

stream passing through trees

oloolua nature trail

oloolua nature trail


How to get there:

We boarded the white mini vans no 24 that are headed towards Karen. We alighted at the junction of Bogani Road and Karen Road near Karen Blixen Museum.

oloolua prices

Entry charges

For more information about the nature trail, prices and its attractions, visit this site:

N.B: sorry, tried flipping the pics but wordpress editor won’t work so just flip your neck sideways 😉 😀

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Go Kart

Love an adrenaline rush? Go kart is the way to go. They are like miniature cars with rubber insulation bordering the car (I’m assuming to minimize shock upon impact) and it has two pedals. One for acceleration and the other for applying brakes. 

For just KSH: 1300/= (aprox $ 20) you shall have the most amazing time of your life especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. Splash is the way to go. It is located in Langata near Carnivore in Nairobi. You are provided with the appropriate gear such as an overall and a helmet. Forget looking hot and sexy unless you get a perfect fit if you’re lucky 😉 I’d definitely say lucky for me.

Yesterday I had the most amazing time Go karting! 10-20 minutes of absolute adrenaline rush. We were a team of twelve people on the race course, racing and bumping aside each other (although not advisable) with enough of team members getting stuck into the tyre borders outlining the field. The beauty of it? No driving license required to drive :D, no worries about running out of fuel nor denting the car nor anything that comes along with having a car.

I felt like I have forever been karting, I belonged, I was a part of it. Simply amazing and it was my first time. Navigating the corners at high speed, maneuvering around other “drivers” #simplyblissful.

Thanks to my friend for having convinced me to go and the Samaritan who picked our bill of six people. LOL.  I have no idea who you are but the Lord bless you so you keep taking us places 😉
For more information about Go Kart in Nairobi, known as GP Kart, here’s a direct link to their website.

Really looking forward to the next time I Go Karting or my next adrenaline rush activity. Off my bucket list are ice skating, hell’s gate hiking, fourteen falls,kayaking, lukenya hills hike, marine park boat riding. I won’t list them all, just the ones that have had an amazing impact on me.

I’d say the next to do list are mountain climbing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, desert travel, bungee jumping, parachuting.

as I approach

as I approach


List activities that you would love to do so I get new and fresh ideas to add to my list.


Truly yours,




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