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Caterpillar bread

Sometimes my best mode of stress relieving is cooking. And of course follow up with eating 😀

I still don’t get the reason why some people say they can’t eat immediately they have cooked. Personally any time is eating time for me, of course except instances where the entire cooking process was too long and exhaustive.

Anyway yesterday we made caterpillar bread. Sounds scary huh?

Truth? Far from it, even the outcome in terms of taste and look is fabulous. Thanks to Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun for her amazing and easy to follow recipes. Furthermore instant feedback for any queries you might have regarding cooking.

Here is a link for the caterpillar bread and includes step by step process on how to do it. Feel free to browse her other recipes. Various categories and diverse cultural meals included from the east to western meals. For beginners in cooking, this is definitely a must use cook site.

here is a sample of what we made yesterday with my sister and her friend. LOL


Regardless of not being an expert on dough stuff and baking 😀  I still like experimenting.

Normal look from the chef should be something like this..


Pretty close huh? just add a lil color to ours and it’l be fabulous

Bonne appetite a tout!

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