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ImageSo today I set out to just randomly go and discover town and have a fresh perspective of my environment. For so long, my life has just been confined to classes and home and getting good grades that I sort of currently feel that life has passed me by. Trust me, that is not a good feeling to have.

Yes I go for outings with friends once in a while, usually involves discovering eating joints, my alltime favorite hobby so far. Yes I call eating a hobby. (I really need to find a real hobby! So a friend keeps telling me) as well as going for movies. Sadly that’s about it. I feel I need a fresh perspective on life, discovering new things; how people manage their day to day life, what other people do outside classes, generally discover everything else.

So here I was, ready to board the matatu (local name for the mini vans used a public transport) and head to town when I bump into two friends of mine. They are starting out their new business venture, an online gift shop. They are very dynamic and passionate about their business, which is very admirable. They are always trying new innovative options to set themselves apart from any other business out in the market. Somehow they manage to derail me and convince me to accompany them in their day’s activities. And why not? I had nothing specific planned for the day and their plans seemed like a good opportunity to get a fresh perspective on life from a business point of view.

The first destination was a meeting to get site developers and that went well. I learnt about solutions available in the market, and I also chipped in some advise on what to incorporate on their site. A candle loses nothing by lighting another, indeed we end up creating a brighter world J.

The Second destination was a packaging company, we boarded a wrong matatu. The levels conductors stoop to in order to have their matatu fill up by misinforming that the destination you want is along their route! Eventually we had to connect with another matatu to finally reach our destination. The meeting wasn’t as fruitful but the company was very friendly and encouraging. A common misconception I learnt was that “big companies rarely turn away start up companies and actually try their best to help the small companies since in the long run they may end up being their main customer in the future”

Imagine turning away a start up company and it ends up being the biggest thing in the future, that means you chased away an opportunity. One thing we should all keep in mind is that we all start from somewhere however insignificant we are in the beginning what matters is our goal and working towards it. Never lose your vision. Always have the end in mind.  A constant reminder.

All in all, I am glad for today’s lessons, I appreciate life and I know that nothing ever comes easy. We have to work hard and smart for our achievements. If everything life came in easy way, we would never appreciate the small things that we usually take for granted.







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tRy ConFuSeD?!!!!!!


This is my first ever blog entry, okay not entirely my first since I had a previous blog that was inactive for over two years with just one entry, but here we go. Hopes of starting with a clean fresh slate 🙂
I am enthusiastic about my new blog, because I am entirely confused. I currently have no idea where I am heading with life, or what the future has in store for me, but I have this great faith and belief in myself that I am going to make it, and make it big.

This blog is about finding my path, and what the future has in store for me. I have completed my undergrad studies and awaiting graduation, but somehow I am not as optimistic about graduation as I was when I started my studies four years ago. (Read afraid of what is in store for me, they say better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know)

Perhaps its due to the fact that I don’t know what to do next. Obviously I am doing what everyone else does, sending random job applications in the hopes of securing a great job opportunity that is well paying; a job that will make all my four years in school finally pay off; a job that will be able to sustain me by enabling me to pay my own rent and stop being dependent on my parents; a job that will enable me have savings and be able to invest eventually… so many expectations, few opportunities, few job opportunities.

But I still have faith, that all shall be well.


I am taking the great leap and hoping to safely land on the other end 🙂 the greatest leap of faith

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